New Design!!!

A recent billing error on my part (a new debit card before the expiration date to include the chip) resulted in me having to start over with the website design. So I decided to see what other editing platforms there were. This one is called BoldGrid. It looks like an HTML5 editor. All I know is it looks a lot better. Expect this page to evolve over time.

Do you still…?
Probably. As I’m no longer officially in business, I cannot really advertise particular services and prices. However, I’m always open to private commissions as long as I agree with the project. My time is valuable and so I have no intention of doing everything that comes across my path. But if I find the project intriguing, I’ll give it a go!

Check back often as I replace some of the stock photos with my own work. Except this beach grass. I actually took this photo myself.

I’ll have more profile pics at the beginning of April.